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Tree Care Services

Some of the services we offer

Here at DJW Tree Care, we carry out all aspects of tree surgery, woodland management (including coppicing), estate management and planting. We can provide consultancy services for all of the following.

Some of the services we offer and are not limited to:


(including sectional dismantle)

Tree’s can be removed for a number of reasons . Our team can provide any advice regarding this.


Removing unhealthy or weaker trees or limbs to allow for healthier ones to strive.


The size and density of the tree can be significantly reduced, resulting in a healthier tree.


Most commonly carried out to Conifers and similar softwoods.

Lots of trees can be topped, encouraging the tree to branch outwards rather than upwards.

Crown Raising

Large trees can often pertrude roads and footpaths, leaving them susceptible to damage from vehicles and animals. This service involves removing lower branches and raising the crown of the tree.

Ground Clearance

Large areas can often become overgrown with vegetation.

Our team can clear sites and gardens quickly using our modern machinery and expert knowhow.

This service is popular with housing developers and landlords.


We primarily plant trees and hedges but can also extend to plants if required.


Woodland can be coppiced to allow for fast and efficient growth.

This involves cutting mainly Chestnut, Sycamore, Ash, Willow or Silver Birch. A small amount of woodland can provide a constant supply of firewood for even the largest of houses.

Hedge Cutting

Hedges ideally require trimming at least twice a year.

If the hedge is regularly maintained, it will remain healthy and beautiful.

Hedges which have grown out of control can be easily fixed, one of our team can explain this.

Stump Removal

Stumps can be removed in a very short space of time. This stops the tree re-shooting and getting covered in fungus.

This involves using specialist equipment only to be operated by a professional.

Bird Box Installation

(No limit in height)

Bird box’s can be fixed in a number of eco friendly ways to eliminate damage to the tree.

Animal Rescue

(most commonly cats and injured birds)

This is a 24 hour service. Please don’t be afraid to contact us at any time!

If the service you require is not mentioned above then please make contact with us, we probably offer this service too and at a great price using our Best Price Guarantee scheme.